Doing a good job makes people respect and contribute with great honor

Doing a good job makes people respect and contribute with great honor

The Confucian and Shun cultures ignite the righteous spirit, and Shuntian's development showcases his skills

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I am Zhang You'an from the General Management Office, and the topic I recited is "The cultivation of Confucian and Shun culture ignites righteousness and Shuntian develops skills". Culture ignites righteousness, and culture creates value.

The Confucian and Shun cultures ignite the righteous spirit, and Shuntian's development showcases his skills
Comprehensive Office - Zhang You'an
I am Zhang You'an from the General Management Office, and the topic I recited is "The cultivation of Confucian and Shun culture ignites righteousness and Shuntian develops skills".
Culture ignites righteousness, and culture creates value. Corporate culture is the inheritance of Shuntian's development power, the focus of Shuntian's centripetal force, and the win-win cooperation of Shuntian. I believe that every Shuntian person present is grateful for their work in Shuntian and enhances their learning of Shuntian culture. Shuntian Culture starts from subtle aspects, condensing the essence of the chairman's development and entrepreneurship, covering the key points of business management. Each department and direction corresponds to the corresponding corporate culture.
Shuntian culture runs through before and after work, and is independent of various departments. The essence of Shuntian culture lies in its grounding spirit. The ordinary and atmospheric language speaks the truth, guiding each department and employee to improve their level. As an office employee, I have learned that doing a good job requires respect, making contributions is immensely glorious, respecting others, and also making others respect me; As a packaging design specialist, I have learned that product packaging must highlight key points and prioritize quality; As a marketer, I have learned that providing customers is God, and department stores weigh hundreds of customers. There is no product in the world that cannot be sold, only people who cannot sell it; As a urea procurement specialist, I have learned that leaders and friends are all teachers, providing customers is God, having indicators is more important than quality, and having prices is more important than value; As a glorious employee of Shuntian, I have learned from Emperor Shuntian's eternal loyalty and filial piety, as well as the happiness of Shuntian people from the Great Wall.
The Analects of Confucius states: "Those who know are not confused, those who are kind are not worried, and those who are brave are not afraid. The meaning is: "A wise person will not be confused, a virtuous person will not worry, and a brave person will not be afraid." The highest cultivation of wisdom is not confusion; The highest cultivation of benevolence is not to worry; The highest cultivation of courage is fearlessness. The development of Shuntian in the past 18 years has witnessed this statement: it was the Chairman's foresight and bold decisions that led to Shuntian's development; It is the Chairman's benevolence and concern for employees that have improved the welfare benefits and salary levels; It was the wise leadership of the leadership team that turned Shuntian's development into an opportunity and flourished day by day. It should be said that our company's foundation is solid, stable, and vibrant!
The development history of Shuntian has gone through two stages. From 2001 to 2008, it was the stable stage of Shuntian. During this stage, Shuntian turned around and, through a series of technological improvements and the addition of melamine matching, the unit consumption of white coal has been leading for years, reversing the fragmented situation of Yinan Fertilizer Plant, stabilizing employees, improving equipment, and laying a solid foundation for future development. From 2009 to 2018, it was the development stage of Shuntian. During this stage, Shuntian stood up and relocated to the development zone as a whole. We built an annual production of 90000 tons of melamine and 100000 tons of synthetic ammonia project, improved safety and environmental protection, achieved energy conservation and consumption reduction. The utilization rate of the production capacity of the three amines ranked first in the industry. We successfully applied for a chemical industry park, cultivated talents, developed internal skills, and accumulated wealth.
In 2019, it was a new starting point for Shuntian's takeoff stage. Shuntian ushered in a great leap from turning around, standing up to becoming stronger, and ushered in a bright prospect of achieving leapfrog development. The chairman has proposed the goal of doubling revenue, doubling taxes, doubling profits, and doubling personnel salaries within 5 years. I believe that with the strength of our Shuntian team, the enthusiasm of our employees, and the support of our leaders, this goal will definitely be achieved. This year can be described as a year of continuous good news. The Shuntian Chinese Academy of Sciences ammonia carbon separation project has been successfully developed and included in a major science and technology project in Shandong Province. The annual production of 200000 tons of intelligent melamine and new technology materials project has been successfully launched, and 232 acres of development land urgently need to be constructed. The equipment is being intensively tendered and ordered.
Some people may ask, isn't the market so bad, and if we still go on the project, the losses will be even greater? Of course not, Confucius said, "If you don't worry about not having a position, then you will stand tall." This roughly means that you don't worry about not having a position, only worrying about not having the ability to fulfill your duties, not worrying about not having opportunities, only worrying about not having the internal skills to seize opportunities. The chairman proposed "to practice internal skills well, there are more development opportunities in crisis". Crisis is not scary, the key is to keep your eyes open, practice certain internal skills, have the ability to analyze the market, resolve crises, and find development opportunities from crises. The market is so poor, despite the continuous shutdown and semi shutdown of our peers and downstream companies, our Shuntian has not stopped for a day this year and has maintained normal operation. This reflects our internal development skills, reflects our industry confidence, adds unparalleled motivation to our employees, and adds unparalleled cooperation enthusiasm to our customers. When our peers consider it a crisis, we carefully analyze and have a high vision to quickly increase the production capacity of 200000 tons of melamine, all using the latest technology in the industry. Coupled with our existing and well utilized new technologies, the cost of melamine per ton has suddenly decreased by 600 yuan. We believe this is definitely a new development opportunity.
Colleagues, Shuntian Culture is about respecting reality, accelerating development, and creating brilliance with more effort. At present, we have a development platform as good as Shuntian and are facing opportunities for new projects. This opportunity provides opportunities for each of us. As long as we work hard, we will have a broader platform. As long as we strive, we can become better people. Because work is one's own, value is created for oneself, life is exciting for oneself, and the future needs to be activated by oneself!
Today, we are studying the culture of Confucius and Shun. Firstly, we are studying the culture of Confucius, and secondly, we are studying the culture of Shuntian and the culture of Da Shun. The purpose is to integrate the culture of Confucius and Shuntian, better promote personal improvement, and promote the flourishing development of Shuntian. Learning from Confucius is about learning to be a person and the way to approach life. Confucius is the greatest thinker and educator in China, revered as a "teacher for all ages" by the world. People around the world are learning from Confucius, and as Confucius' hometown people, we should learn from him, understand him, and spread him. Learning from Da Shun is because Da Shun is magnanimous and benevolent, understands management, fulfills filial piety, and spreads great love. He is an ancient sage with high morality and respect. Our Shuntian was named after Shun, inherited the development of Shuntian, passed down Shun's brewing skills, and promoted Shun's loyalty and filial piety culture. Shuntian's development also caters to the path of Confucius and Shun, and the path of harmonious development.
Confucius said: If people don't respect me, it's because I have no talent; if I don't respect people, it's because I have no virtue; if people don't allow me, it's because I'm incompetent; if people don't help me, it's because I'm infinite; if people don't help me, it's because I'm not good! These three words have come to realize the great principle of handling people. To develop a person, one must have talent, more virtue, and have a heart for others in order to be helped by others. Originally, I often think that others respect me because I am excellent, but when I reach the talent of Shun, I will be helped by others I found that others respect me because they are excellent. The magnetic field of a person is magical. If you are grateful, you will be successful; If you take responsibility, you will continue to grow; If you respect others, you will be respected!
We Shuntian said, "Respect others, and let others respect us." This happened to respond to Confucius' first sentence, "If people do not respect me, I am incompetent. Every seemingly ordinary effort we make today is accumulating capacity for our future, and every progress we experience today is laying the foundation for future improvement. We must respect others, learn from their strengths, make up for our own shortcomings, and be a knowledgeable, truly cultured, and moral person. Because respecting others is a high posture, respecting others is respecting oneself. Only by showing mutual respect and being honest with each other, raising a warm smile, extending friendly hands, and not doing anything harmful to others, can we achieve respect for others and earn their respect.
We Shuntian said, "Talent comes from development, and status comes from contribution," which perfectly corresponds to Confucius' second sentence, "People cannot tolerate me, it is my incompetence. A capable person is a person of integrity, a person of development, and someone who can bring benefits to others. Real people are willing to cooperate with real people, and those who are not real are also willing to cooperate with real people. We should encourage "one monk to carry water for multiple monks to eat" and resolutely eliminate "ineffective people and ineffective work". We must strive to do everything, work hard, create conditions without conditions, make no excuses, shirk responsibility, work effectively, be effective people, and contribute to the development of the company. Our life value and status will naturally improve.
We Shuntian said, 'Doing a good job makes people respect it, and making contributions is immensely glorious.' This happened to respond to Confucius' third sentence, 'If someone doesn't help me, it's my inaction.'. Only by doing a good job and achieving results can one elevate one's status and accumulate talent. Because in Shuntian, there are "no special cadres, let alone special employees", only doing a good job is the best relationship, and only achieving results is the strongest face. We all need to learn to understand people, do clear things, speak plain language, and do more good deeds that are conducive to work progress and enterprise development.
  Let's work hard for three days, summarize yesterday's mistakes and shortcomings, and truly implement today's work with time, numbers, and quality. Let's put down the broom and touch the rake, complete the work 8 hours in advance with quality and quantity, and even push forward tomorrow's work. After implementing today, make a reasonable plan for tomorrow, work in a planned and step-by-step manner, conscientiously do everything at hand, and achieve excellence and excellence within one's own abilities. Be a capable person and a useful person for the development of Shuntian.
Heavenly immortals come to help, and Shuntian talents show their skills. When Shuntian gets the chance, he enjoys the advantages of the land, has the vigorous righteousness of striving for the upper reaches, and has the development drive of win-win cooperation. In addition to Shuntian's excellent culture, Shuntian's wise leadership, let us Shuntian brothers and sisters closely unite, work hard, and strive hard to help Shuntian's development, add luster to Shuntian's prosperity, and show our talents for the construction of Shuntian for a century. Below are a few words to share with everyone. After climbing mountains without falling behind others, we dare to be the first in the world in our work, and our generation is united in creating great achievements. The rise of Shuntian was at that time.

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