Company Culture

Company Culture

ss  [Chairman Yue] proposed in June 2012: no special cadres and no special employees
  As long as the work is well focused, the principle and discipline issues must be dealt with to the end, and whoever is dealt with is whoever is dealt with. There are no special cadres and no special employees. Right is right, and wrong is wrong. There must be no excuses, no "prevarication" or invalid work.
  [Chairman Yue] proposed in February 2012: Managers must be determined and understandable
  A person who understands has determination, a firm stand, bold and careful, doing any work will be considered as a cost, focusing on efficiency, having time, numbers, and quality in the work, without delay, without conditions, create conditions, and strive to achieve The work is done well in advance. As long as it is beneficial to the company's development and colleagues, we will resolutely do it.
  [Chairman Yue] proposed in June 2014: Management should manage high efficiency, manage low cost, and manage “three in one” norms
  Management management requires both "management" and "management". Managers need to be in charge and set off on the move. They must find ways and plans to let the right people do the right work, guide the employees to do the work well, the managers who don’t know how to do the work, and the employees who do not do well in the management. The personnel must do well, sum up past good experiences and practices, and must be assessed in accordance with the "three-in-one" certification standard.
ss  [Chairman Yue] proposed in December 2014: to encourage one monk to carry water for multiple monks to eat
  We must learn first-class management, encourage “one monk to carry water for multiple monks to eat”, resolutely put an end to “two monks carrying water to eat” and “three monks have no water to eat”; to put an end to “eating a big pot of rice”, and work hard Rush to do it.
  [Chairman Yue] proposed in December 2014: Innovation means doing better today than yesterday, and doing better this year than last year
  Innovation requires strengthening learning, learning from masters, learning from books, developing good learning from the industry, summarizing experience, thoroughly researching existing equipment, processes, and indicators, keeping the company’s affairs at heart, and focusing on things. , Give full play to your own intelligence, give full play to the existing production conditions, and produce maximum benefits.
  [Chairman Yue] proposed in December 2014: System is a long-term revolution, and system is corporate culture
  The system is a long-term revolution, and a well-developed enterprise is a good implementation of the system. Those with a system are evaluated according to the system, and those without a system are evaluated according to the "three-in-one" certification standard. The system is not formulated for one person, but based on the actual situation of the enterprise, summing up experience, and formulating the principles of enterprise development and employee progress. Any developing enterprise cannot do without the system, and no one can destroy the red line of the system. Once the system is destroyed, if it is not used, it will be lost, and it is easy to make mistakes if it leaves the system.
ss  [Chairman Yue] proposed in May 2015: work requires time, numbers, and quality
  All work should look at the numbers, and the assessment must be strictly based on the numbers and the assessment according to the formulated plan, not just a formality. Any job must have time, numbers, quality, earn and eat, work more and earn more, and resolutely eliminate ineffective people and invalid workers.
  [Chairman Yue] Proposed in December 2015: Respect reality and accelerate development
  According to the actual situation of the enterprise, understand the company, understand the market, understand yourself, know when and what to do to benefit the development of the enterprise, create conditions if there are no conditions, and do a good job; capable people should work harder, take the lead, and rush to do it , The division of labor does not divide the family, doing a good job makes people respect and convince everyone.
  [Chairman Yue] Proposed in May 2016: Promoting development by being upright, safe and environmentally friendly
  As long as it meets the requirements of the company’s system, the interests of the company’s development, and the interests of the employees, they must do it. Ling Jian.
  Safety is important every second, and environmental protection must be done at all times. Both managers and employees must be safe and environmentally friendly. They must resolutely stop when they see unsafe areas, resolutely correct non-standard operations, and resolutely manage where they are not environmentally friendly. Do it well at all times, keep an eye on it every second, watch it with your eyes, hold it, and never relax at any moment.
  [Chairman Yue] proposed in February 2017: To summarize yesterday, implement today, plan tomorrow, and do one thing well.
  Anyone has to do it for three days, sum up the mistakes and shortcomings of yesterday, truly implement today’s 8 hours, implement the specific time, numbers, and quality, and know what to do when. It is necessary to take the initiative to implement it, complete 8 hours in advance with quality and quantity, and even rush tomorrow. If you have implemented it today, you must plan for tomorrow, put down your broom and touch the rake, and do it in a planned and step-by-step manner. Finally, be calm, calm, calm again, and do one thing well-your own business.

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