Recruitment Notice

Recruitment Notice

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  In order to meet the development needs of the group,accelerate the promotion of the strategy of"strengthening the company with talents",further increase the introduction of highly educated talents,and upgrade the level of Sainty's team.After the company's research and decision,a group of doctoral and master students will be recruited to work in the company in 2020.details as follows:
  1.Recruitment plan
  Actively introduce full-time doctoral,master and undergraduate students,as follows.
  1.The Technology R&D Center recruits 35 doctors,postgraduates,and 5 undergraduates.
  2.The Safety and Environmental Protection Center recruits 3 doctors,3 graduate students,and 3 undergraduates.
  3.The Financial Management Center recruits 2 doctors,2 postgraduates,and 10 undergraduates.
  4.The Operation Management Center recruits 2 doctors,2 postgraduates,and 5 undergraduates.
  5.The Management Center recruits 5 graduate students and 10 undergraduates.
  6.The Equipment Technology Center recruits 5 graduate students and 10 undergraduates.
  7.The Logistics Management Center recruits 5 graduate students and 12 undergraduates.
  2.Application qualification conditions
  Full-time doctoral,postgraduate and undergraduate students in general universities and research institutes across the country,and key professional talents in key universities are preferred.Those with chemistry,chemical engineering,safety and environmental protection,automation or related majors are preferred,and those with operational experience in the chemical industry are preferred.
  Three,related treatment
  1.The probation period of the introduced highly educated talents is 3 months.Those who pass the assessment after the probation period will be paid,pay five social insurances and one housing fund,pay monthly benefits,holiday benefits,birthday benefits,travel benefits,and provide free accommodation and working lunch.
  2.The annual salary of talents with doctoral degree in key universities and majors is 200,000 yuan,and they enjoy a set of company's high-level talent welfare dormitory(130 square meters).The salary will be increased by 10%-20%at the beginning of each year.The salary increase of those with outstanding work performance will be even greater.
  3.The monthly salary of talents with postgraduate qualifications in key universities and majors is 6000-7000 yuan,and employees with double postgraduate qualifications can enjoy a set of company high-level talent welfare dormitories(130 square meters),and salary increases by 10%-20%at the beginning of each year,work performance The salaries of the prominent ones have increased even more.
  4.The monthly salary of talents with a bachelor's degree in key universities and majors is 5,000-6,000 yuan,and the salary will be increased by 10%-20%at the beginning of each year.The salary of those with outstanding work performance will increase even more.
  4.Company profile
  Shandong Sainty Chemical Group Co.,Ltd.was established in 2001.It is a large-scale chemical enterprise group characterized by"ecological,circular and high-tech".The company is located in Yinan,Shandong,which is known as the"Hometown of Zhuge,Hometown of Hongsao,Hot Spring Capital,and Leisure Resort".There are 5 exits and 1 railway station(Beijing-Shanghai,Nitto,Changshen It is 30 kilometers away from Linyi Airport and 70 kilometers away from Rizhao Port,with convenient transportation.
  It is precisely in the development environment of Yinan,where the mountains and rivers are beautiful and the people are outstanding,the Shuntian Group has been able to develop rapidly.There are four subsidiaries of Shuntian Chemical,Zhongnong Shuntian,Shuntian Wine and Shuntian Real Estate,covering an area of​​more than 1,200 acres and employing 1,500 employees.Many people are the backbone of provincial and municipal chemical enterprises.The company mainly produces melamine,compound fertilizer,liquor products,and also produces liquid ammonia,methanol,ammonium bicarbonate and other products.After the authoritative certification of the nitrogen fertilizer industry,the melamine production capacity utilization rate is as high as 93%.The pure grain brewing of Shuntianfu liquor products has received unanimous praise from customers and friends.
  Technological innovation is the core driving force of the group's sustainable development.The group successfully cooperated with the Chinese Academy of Sciences,an authoritative research institute in China,to jointly research and develop melamine tail gas ammonia-carbon separation technology,new melamine fiber materials and high-end film products.At present,the pilot side line of the ammonia-carbon separation project has successfully completed the test and the effect is good.It will be industrialized in 2020;the melamine fiber has been successfully drawn and successfully tested a flame-retardant and degradable high-grade melamine film,which will effectively broaden the melamine Mid-and downstream industrial chain.At the same time,the group is a high-tech enterprise,has successfully applied for nearly 40 national patents and technological innovation projects,and has received free financial support from the state.Among them,the one-step composite quenching triamine production technology was awarded the"China Small and Medium Enterprise Outstanding Innovation Achievement Award",and the"Ionic Liquid Method Ammonia-Carbon Separation New Technology"was awarded the"Shandong Key Science and Technology Project.The group was successfully recognized as the"Shandong Enterprise"Technology Center","Shandong Cyanamide Polymerization Engineering Technology R&D Center".
  In 2020,the group plans to start construction of a high-standard intelligent R&D building,establish a high-standard intelligent research institute,and recruit hundreds of intelligent R&D teams with master's and doctoral degrees or above.Build 500-600 employee welfare houses,1,000 employee dormitories,and support gymnasiums,swimming pools,Daysun Cultural Center,and learning and training center to provide welfare facilities for the group’s scientific research and development and sustainable development,and enhance employees’sense of belonging and Cohesion.
  After 19 years of rapid development,the group has already possessed strong social influence and brand competitiveness.The group has been selected into the rankings of"Top 100 Chinese Fertilizer Enterprises"and"Top 50 Synthetic Ammonia Manufacturers in China",and was named"Shandong Province Circular Economy Demonstration Enterprise","Shandong Province Energy Saving and Consumption Reduction Demonstration Enterprise"and"National Contract Abiding Credit Enterprise".
  5.Registration time and place
  Sainty Chemical Group sincerely invites talents and people of insight from all over the world to join us to create a great cause and achieve common development.
  Registration time:Registration starts on February 4
  Registration hotline:+86-0539-2653263
  Location:Group Human Resources Center
  Company Address:Middle Section of Luyuan Road,Yinan Economic Development Zone,Shandong Province

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The company is located in the ancient city of Yangdu, the hometown of Zhuge Liang and Hongsao of the generation of wisdom stars-Yinan County, Shandong Province. It is located in the hinterland of the Yimeng Mountains. 



Lvyuan Road, Yinan Economic Development Zone, Shandong Province



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